Features of Jawa Open Eyes

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Jawa Open Eyes was developed using SUN Java SDK version 1.2.2 and 1.3 in Windows 98 and Windows 2000 by me in order to help my private work in Mitsubishi company - Japan.
The main features of Jawa Open Eyes are :

1. Visual Network Monitoring
   JOpenEyes program will ask monitored device to report the traffic statistic in the interval of 12 seconds, plot the two graphs of collected data per interval and the average per hour in the status panel. The graph value shows the bandwidth utility of monitored devices. JOpenEyes can make monitoring for muliple devices simultaneously in which each monitoring  process runs in different threads.
2. Simple Network Topology Designer
   JOpenEyes program has main panel which is framework panel for drawing the network topology of monitored devices and other related equipments/servers. By picking device image in the main menu of program, it is simple to rearrange the position of the image by mouse dragging.
3. Email alert informing
   JOpenEyes program can be set to transfer the error messege found while network monitoring by sending email to desired address destination. To activate this feature, just set the Simple Mail Tranfer Protocol (SMTP) server address and the email address destination. Yaou can use default SMTP server defined for global using for all monitored devices, or set each monitored device with appropriate SMTP server.
4. Trap Receiver
   JOpenEyes program can receive trap from SNMPv1 capable device(s), and also can transfer the trap message to desired address via email.
5. Data Logging
   JOpenEyes program writes the monitoring data to log file automatically per hour and per day interval. You may set JOpenEyes to save monitoring data directly to database server such as MySQL by setting JDBC driver and url for database connection. JOpenEyes has simple database client for accessing database server to prepare table in order to log the data.

Haris Hasanudin