Haris Linux Diary

I am using Linux OS for more than 7 years since 1994 when  I was undergraduate student in Computer Department, Gunma University, Japan. At first time I used first initial release of Slackware distribution with so many interesting difficulties and until now I love Slackware for low level management reason.

With increasing popularity of internet, Linux become big and so powerful to run in most computer architecture which support not only Unix shell command but also sophisticated windows manager and high grade internet backend server.

I already tried so many confussed distribution and I decide to use :
1. Red Hat distribution    : very powerfull and easy to manage
2. Slackware distribution : keep simple with some patient
3. Vine Linux                : Japanese version


1. Freshmeat       :   newest linux stuff
2. Xfree86          :   free X window system
3. Source Forge   :   open development project environment
4. RedHat
5. Slackware
6. Linux Start      :   distribution, doc, application and others

Bravo Free OS !
Now Linux starts wonderful 2.4 kernel.