Jawa Open Eyes Project by Haris Hasanudin

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Jawa Open Eyes by Haris Hasanudin is the project to provide free visual network monitoring tool for daily LAN/WAN operation. Jawa Open Eyes can collect MIB-II information of Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) version 1 (RFC1155, RFC1213) from network devices such as router, computer server, switch or other equipments which talk in SNMP language.

  Project Name : Jawa Open Eyes by Haris Hasanudin
  Release date  : 2001/03/15
  Release version : 00.01 build #17
  Licence         : GNU
  Developer      : Haris Hasanudin
  Contact        : hariscom@mail.goo.ne.jp
  Keywords      : network monitoring, internet, snmp, java
  Depend on     : SCK (Snmp Construction Kit - java based snmp classes)
                      and SUN Java JRE/JDK 1.2.2 or above

  WARNING : This is still alpha release, so be patient !
                 This software will not damage your system/network,
                 but I can not give any guarantee.

Haris Hasanudin